“This is a brilliant establishment, we had a whirl of a time. The love and effort put into this project really pays off. In my game I had people from all ages, all of them having as much fun as I had. It plays like a real among us game and is engaging right through. Nick provided great service and made me feel welcome. The people I played with were super lovely. I met people from across the globe that came here just to play this game. This game is a landmark in this industry and is groundbreaking. I mean this game is so immersive it even had Americans cussing out my own friends. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to play a fun, engaging game that has a really fascinating social aspect.

Fun group activity!

Looking for a great idea for an Event with a truly fun group activity? Then Saboteurs is it!

We have built our venue to imitate on-line games. The first game is our ‘Among Us’ style game. Play In Real Life. It is fun, immersive and makes for the world’s best parties and functions.

Groups from 6 – 60 players (Whole venue)

Packages – Game Only

  • $45 per player (70 mins)
  • 10 mins induction
  • 60 minutes game on! An hour of playing Saboteurs within the Moon Base game space exclusively for your event.

*Minimum of 6 players (Weekdays) or 8 players (Weekends)

Packages – Game plus Party Room

  • $45 per player (70 mins)
  • 10 mins induction
  • 60 minutes game on! An hour of playing Saboteurs within the Moon Base game space exclusively for your event.
  • Then into our Space Shuttle for Food/Drinks

*Minimum of 6 players (Weekdays) or 8 players (Weekends)

Food options

Food Options are available on request. Please complete the enquiry form below and we’ll contact you to discuss the packages.


Send us an enquiry so we can craft an event to suit your budget.

We are 100% inclusive, wheelchair accessible and a Carer friendly place where everyone is welcome to have fun!

Our Location:

The District Docklands (East Car Park)

Level 2, The District Docklands East Car Park. 90 Waterfront Way, Docklands, 3008. Take escalator next to Dan Murphys to Level 2. Click here for detailed directions


Book your session time on this website. On arrival enter through these double doors and report to our friendly staff


Parking is really easy. On arrival please take the Waterfront Way, car entrance ramp directly on the left hand side of Chemist Warehouse. Drive up to the second level.

Our Photo Gallery

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What Our Guests Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

“The kids had so much fun. They wouldn’t stop talking about it during the ride home. We promised the kids we’ll come back next week”

– Emily Hunt

“My niece and nephew had an amazing time. They would not stop taking about it in the ride home. They’ve convinced my sister to bring them back again. I loved watching them on the screens, working together to complete the mission”

– Julie Robinson

“Saboteurs is just not for kids. My mates and I had a lot of fun. The time challengers, solving puzzles and off course working out who is the saboteur before the time runs out adds to the excitement.”

– Morgan Jonathan

“The set-up felt so real. The consoles, lighting and sound effects added to the realism. The game was so immersive and surprisingly enjoyable for the whole gang. Strongly recommend giving it ago and while you’re here enjoy the amazing facilities.”

– James Brook

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